Author: Yolanda Robinette

Consolidation Loan and Its Interest


  Consolidation loan and its interest rate Banks provide loans and credits to potential customers so that they can earn them at the same time. Therefore, they charge fees for commission, early repayment of the loan and set a specified interest rate. However, we do not really know whether the interest rate that is imposed …

Can You Get a Loan Without Creditworthiness? – Loan Consolidation


  Can you get a loan without creditworthiness?   Creditworthiness Creditworthiness is the consumer’s ability to settle a financial liability within the prescribed period. In other words, it determines whether it can afford to repay loan installments without compromising financial stability. In order to be able to estimate creditworthiness, several important factors are taken into …

How to Fight Debt: Consolidate Your Credit Cards at the Limit


  Not surprisingly, most people in precarious financial situations say they would like to find a quick way to pay off their credit card balances. However, when the pressure of different creditors begins to be felt, it can be difficult to put in place strategies to achieve this. If you are facing a debt problem …