Loan 30000 USD: best offers

Offers for loans from 30,000 USD

Offers for loans from 30,000 USD

In the multifaceted panorama dedicated to the credit offer, it may seem difficult to find information regarding the possibility of applying for and obtaining a loan of $ 30,000. On the web, there is a lot of information that can be found from credit agencies of various kinds: which one to choose among the many?

We analyze three proposals, offered respectively by Dumoci, Poste Italiane and the OneCashe banking group. You will thus be able to better decide to whom to submit the request and what the proposed conditions are.

Loan 30000 USD Dumoci

Loan 30000 USD Dumoci

The Dumoci banking group offers a loan solution of 30,000 USD. It falls into the category of personal loans and offers some interesting peculiarities. As regards the repayment of the loan, you can choose to make the money in installments up to a maximum period of 7 years, which corresponds to 84 installments.

Applicants are not asked for the purpose of the loan requested, as is the case with other banks or for larger amounts. The preliminary costs of the practice are free and this also means that they will not be charged on the APR – the Annual Global Effective Rate – overall. This is a nice saving, considering that – normally – the preliminary costs are borne by about 1% of the loan amount and never go below 100 USD.

Dumoci also offers free of charge collection fees, which is the portion that is paid by virtue of the installment charge service. Even the collection commissions – like all ancillary costs – burden the APR, making it rise. Another savings.

TAN and APR of the Dumoci loan. As regards the TAN – Nominal Annual Rate – and the APR – Global Effective Annual Rate, these are both at a fixed rate, respectively equal to 7.95% as regards the TAN and the APR for a maximum of 8.60. %.

Requirements required.

  • Being a Dumoci account holder for at least 6 months – or
  • Have the salary or pension credited to the Dumoci account
  • On the Dumoci current account, the balance receivable at the time of the loan request must not be less than 500 USD.

Dumoci also offers debt consolidation: it is a practice that allows you to unify the amount of the debt situation in a single monthly installment – repayable up to 72 months – so if you have a loan that is not yet paid, you can opt for this solution.

By simulating the amount of the installments, directly on the Dumoci website, if you request a loan of 30,000 USD and decide to repay it in 84 installments, the monthly fee is equal to 466.84 USD.

Loan 30000 USD Bankate

Loan 30000 USD Bankate

Poste Italiane, for 15 years now, has fully entered the national banking circuit. The proposed credit offer also includes the 30000 USD loan: let’s see what it is.

Features. It is a personal loan, repayable from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 84 monthly installments.

Requirements and documentation. Poste Italiane, grants the loan to holders of a Bankate current account, to holders of a passbook, to holders of the Mega Poste Pay Evolution. The essential requirements are:

  • Being a paycheck holder
  • Being a retirement holder
  • Being resident in Italy

The documentation that must be presented, together with the request, is as follows:

  • Valid identity document
  • Health card (Contains the tax code)

Method of disbursement and reimbursement.

  • For those who have a Bankate account, the payment of the sum and the payment of the installments takes place directly on the current account.
  • Poste Pay Evolution Card holders will be credited directly to the card.
  • Those who have a postal passbook can withdraw the sum directly from the post office counter or, alternatively, have it credited to their bank account.
  • Those who have obtained the loan of $ 30,000 but are not holders of a financial relationship with Poste Italiane, can request the disbursement on the bank account.

In addition to being able to repay the monthly installments via RID – direct interbank relationship – to a current, postal or bank account, it is possible to request that a number equal to the agreed installments be issued, of postal slips to be paid monthly at any post office. The insurance that is usually required to take out, upon approval of the file, is optional.

Loan 30000 USD OneCashe

Loan 30000 USD OneCashe

The OneCashe banking group, has created a proposal for those who want to apply for a loan of 30,000 USD, is called CreditExpress Dynamic, and is aimed at those who need to buy goods such as a car, a motorcycle, a camper but also new ones. furniture to furnish your home or, again, a nice trip for the whole family.

However, it is not suitable for those who need to buy a property or intend to renovate it: in this case, OneCashe offers other solutions for accessing credit.

Features. It is a so-called ” flexible loan “, in the sense that whoever asks for the loan can – during the repayment period – take advantage of some possibilities. Such as:

  • Postponement of an installment: if – after paying at least 9 installments consecutively – a month occurs in which you cannot honor the payment, you can ask to put the unpaid installment in the queue, respectively the current year. This is only possible once per year.
  • Change of the installment amount: an option that can always be requested after paying at least 9 consecutive months. It allows you to renegotiate both the installment amount and the number of months for the repayment of the amount.
  • Renegotiation of the amount: if, after having paid 24 consecutive months, new liquidity is needed, it is possible to renegotiate the loan but only for the amount equal to the installments paid up to that moment.

Required documentation. In addition to the valid identity document, OneCashe asks for documentation certifying the applicant’s income capacity. The signature of a guarantor may also be requested, certifying his solvency through the presentation of the income documentation.

Method of repayment of the installments. It is possible to obtain the disbursement and repayment of the loan, either by direct debit from the OneCashe bank account or from the bank account of another bank, this is the case of OneCashe non-current account holders. OneCashe Genius Card holders can request direct debit from the card.

As regards the application of APR and TAN, assuming a loan of 30,000 USD to be repaid in 84 installments, the percentages that are generally applied are 9.90% for the TAN and 14.0% as regards the APR.

The simulation of the installment is possible by connecting to the OneCashe website and asking for information, after filling in an online form.


As we have seen, obtaining a loan to be repaid even in a medium-long period of time is possible, thanks to the offer of banking institutions which, more and more often, are taking action to create ad hoc solutions for citizens’ needs.

The particular conditions of flexibility also give the possibility – for those who access the credit – to be able to obtain some concessions if they are in a moment of difficulty. Not bad, in a period like the one we are going through.

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